Cosigner Application 2021

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The undersigned will at all times indemnify and keep indemnified the surety and save harmless the surety from and against any and all claims, demands, liabilities, costs, charges, legal fees, disbursements and expenses of every kind and nature, which the surety shall at any time sustain or incur as well as from all orders, decrees, judgments and adjudication against the surety by reason or in consequence of having executed such bond or undertaking on behalf of and/or at the instance of the indemnitor(s) (or any of them) and will pay-over, reimburse and make good the surety, its successors and assigns all sums and amounts of money required to meet every claim, demand, liability, cost, expense, suit, order, degree payment and/or any other bonds or undertaking executed on behalf of and/or at the instance of the indemnitor and before the surety shall be required to pay thereunder. The liability for legal fees and disbursements includes all legal fees and disbursements that the surety may pay or incur in any legal proceedings, including proceedings in which the surety may assert or defend its right to collect or to charge for any legal fees and/or disbursements incurred in earlier proceedings. I have read and do understand the terms and conditions listed above. I accept the responsibility of insuring that defendant (Name as mentioned previously in the form) is present for all of his/her court appearances on bonds totaling.